People know what to do and
how to do it

Reflect on what you do as an organisation to make sure people in safety critical roles know what is expected of them

Staff, members, volunteers and participants learn what to do and how to do it in a number of ways. Reflect on what works for your organisation balancing what you require of people with the time and commitment they have.

How do people learn about the steps you expect them to take - what you expect them to do?

How do people learn about and practice the skills they need, the scenarios they will face?

Some of the ways people learn are outlined below

What to do

  • The procedures you write and the tools you produce to make the steps easy to follow – checklists, guides etc
  • Observing how others behave and picking up on the ‘way things are done here’
  • Induction sessions you offer to people new in role
  • Briefings before each session on the water
  • Refresh sessions you offer to remind people about what to do

How to do it

  • Courses – club based, outside organisation, formal RYA qualifications
  • Skills practice sessions / refresher sessions
  • Observing how others behave and picking up on the ‘way things are done here’
  • Scenario / drill practices
  • Regular engagement / discussion on safety issues

As a result, for each role, it can be important to ensure you can

  • Describe the role and introduce a new person to what is expected
  • Ensure key procedures are read and understood.
  • Support and supervise people so they get feedback about how they are doing and recognition for what they are contributing.
  • Record the training and practice each person receives

Learning is not just about courses – there is a wealth of resources out there you can use:

Questions to ask - People know what to do

Do you ask staff and volunteers to sign they have read and understood key procedures?


Do you have a training log to record the learning each person receives and the qualifications they have gained?


Do you have a programme of training / practice / skills refresh for on the water delivery?




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