Want to come yachting?

Learn more about the RYA Start Yachting and competent crew courses including videos

Yachting is as real as it gets. It�s about getting the sails up, getting back to nature and spending quality time with people who share your passion for the open water.��But if leaving our shores with little or no prior sailing knowledge leaves you feeling daunted, the RYA has the answer.

Taking an RYA Start Yachting or RYA Competent Crew course is the perfect introduction to this incredibly rewarding, fun and vibrant new world.

You will be encouraged every step of the way in a safe environment by a skilled and experienced RYA Sailing Instructor. Courses are taught in logical steps, ticking off tasks in your logbook one by one so you can track your progress. By the end, you should have a thorough knowledge of the key areas, from basic sailing terminology and rules on the water to winching and helming; not to mention the essentials like learning to live on board a yacht and enjoying the easy freedom of a yacht powered only by the wind.

For novices, a course is a fun way to test-drive the concept of yachting and find out whether it�s something you really want to buy into, while for the slightly more experienced, it�s a safe way to build your sailing miles, boost your confidence and become a more useful member of the crew.

RYA Chief Instructor for Sail Cruising Vaughan Marsh says: �Our courses are designed to take you from someone who may never have been on a yacht and has no sailing knowledge to someone who is able to confidently take instructions from the skipper and carry them out efficiently and safely. The aim is, ultimately, to become a valued member of the team.�


RYA Start Yachting is a brilliant introduction for beginners. Anyone of any age can give this two-day course a try.

What will you learn? How to handle sails, carry out rope work and have a full understanding of what�s safe and what�s not, plus you�ll even get to steer!�

Course USP: Start Yachting is a great way to test your sea legs without committing too much time. Many courses are run by training centres over weekends which is less likely to interfere with work.�

What�s in it for you? Laying down a solid base of knowledge; learning in a fun, friendly and safe environment. Your RYA Start Yachting certificate also means you can complete your RYA Competence Crew course in a reduced time of three days.�


RYA Competent Crew is a fantastic starting point for anyone interested in regular yacht sailing. Taking you from passenger to active crew member in five days, it can be completed over two or three weekends.

What will you learn? You�ll get hands on with the steering, learn how to handle sails, keep a lookout and generally help out with the day to day running of a sail cruising yacht. It�s a brilliant course and the syllabus allows you plenty of time to practice trickier manoeuvres like tacking, mooring and coming alongside.

Course USP: Learning to sail a yacht is a new, exciting and challenging journey. Seeing day to day improvements in your own ability is a massive confidence boost, plus the encouragement and support you�ll share with your fellow crew mates is an incredibly lasting and bonding experience.

What�s in it for you? Becoming a trusted member of the team. Gaining your RYA Competent Crew certificate allows skippers to understand your level of knowledge, meaning they can assign a task to you with absolute confidence. And if you want to keep improving, it�s the stepping stone to RYA Day Skipper!

So, what next?

For fresh air, exhilaration, and a different perspective on life, sail cruising is hard to beat. So for a smooth transition from sailing newbie to valuable crew member find your nearest RYA recognised centre and get booking!