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Powerboat news and reviews - Now, as we all know, it would be rather unfair of the RYA to endorse or review bits of kit.

Sports Boat and Ribs Logo Now, as we all know, it would be rather unfair of the RYA to endorse or review bits of kit. Essentially, as governing body of the sport, that would simply enrage a lot of people. What we can do, however, is draft in a real expert to do it for us and who better to give his opinions than Alex Smith, Editor of Sports Boat and RIB Magazine.

When it comes to reviews, Alex doesn't mess around and he lives and breathes powerboats. Rumour has it that last time�he went food shopping,�Alex refused to enter the supermarket unless he was allowed to sit in the trolley and pretend he was driving a powerboat around the aisles. Vroom vroom!

Currently enduring a lengthy ban from his local branch of TESCO, here are his thoughts...

Smith: Banned from TESCO

With the advent of spring comes a whole host of happy developments. The fish grow fat, the shows and jumbles kick into top gear, the builders put new boats on the water and the boating fraternity attacks the season with fresh solvency and vigour.

But while we wheel out our boats, chase our fish, spruce our gear and head for the water, spare a thought for those boaters who didn�t look after their equipment over the winter months.

Even now, they will be inundating their local marine engineers with a year�s worth of work in the space of two months. And when they see how much entertainment the new season promises, they will hotly regret the passing of every wasted day . . . �

A new RIB race

Entries are now open for a new amateur�RIB race called the Nab Dash. Due to take place on 21 August 2010, the race will go from Chichester Harbour to the Nab tower and back. The 13-mile run will be open to four categories of RIB - Cat 1 (up to 4.0m), Cat 2 (4.1m to 6.0m), Cat 3 (6.1m to 8.0m) and Cat 4 (an �Open Class�).

Nab Dash?

Entry fees range accordingly from �25 to �50, with a minimum of two people per boat. There will be a prize pot of over �3,000, plus a buffet-style barbecue at Marina Jaks followed by a party. Spaces are limited to 25 boats in each category so make sure you come along and claim your entry form on the Piranha RIB Stand at the Southampton Sports Boat and RIB Show (22-23 May 2010). www.sportsboatandribshow.co.uk

Is that a rod in your pocket?

How about this for an ingenious piece of gear? It might look like a wallet containing a pen, a Kinder Egg and a small box of Smarties but it�s far more innovative than that. This little box of tricks is basically a collection of miniature objects that magically transforms (at the flick of a wrist) into a 40-inch fishing rod, allowing you to dangle a line with contemptuous spontaneity.

Giant rod

It might make you look about as cool as the world�s fattest man sitting on the world�s tiniest moped (and it might also win you looks of manly derision from serious anglers) but catch a Marlin on the end of this thing and prepare yourself for a thrill ride to remember. It comes in a case, complete with fishing tackle and is priced at �24.99. You know you want one.� www.gofrostfire.com

A new kind of trailer boating?

If you fancy a boat with wheels that folds in half and tows behind your car without a trailer, chances are the new EzyBoat will appeal. This 4.4-metre fibreglass craft folds up to form its own fully integrated trailer, complete with wheels that retract into the hull when launched.�Designed to accommodate up to a 25hp outboard, the hinged transom allows the motor to recline easily inside the boat when folded and can be deployed again without any fuss.


Obviously enough, a combination of the folding hull and the retractable road-legal trailer wheels means the EzyBoat is not likely to set your world alight with great agility, efficiency and sharpness of handling. But while the rest of the world fumbles around with tie down straps, storage issues, parking problems and launching concerns, you and your Ezyboat will be looking back at them from the water with a smile.

For the casual boater in search of easy, trouble-free recreation, it might just be a dream come true. www.ezyboat.com

Another debut for the Sports Boat and RIB Show

Hockley Marine has added to the increasing range of product launches at the Sports Boat and RIB Show, by committing to exhibit its new Capelli Tempest 770 WA Cabin RIB. Making its show debut, the Tempest 770 WA uses the same sea hull as the deservedly famous Rubson Raid endurance craft.

The difference here is that the space is used to incorporate a cabin with double berth and separate toilet compartment. This has been accomplished by raising the deck area and making a hard superstructure with a walkaround cabin and stainless steel guardrail around the forward deck.

As on the larger 900 and 1000 WA models, the aft cockpit has ample seating with a table for entertaining and incorporates a cooking hob and freshwater sink under the helm seat. The demo boat will be fitted with a Suzuki 250hp outboard engine, which should give her a top speed of around 45 knots. It�s a very fine looking boat and you can see it first hand at the Sports Boat and RIB Show at Ocean Village Marine in Southampton from 22 to 23 May 2010. www.sportsboatandribshow.co.uk

You can find all this and more in the May issue of Sports Boat and RIB magazine. Buy it from your local newsagents or visit www.sportsboat.co.uk�for details.��