Para racing organisations

Sail at different venues with others in the same boat as you. Class associations organise a series of open events and national championships each year. Beyond that are European and World Championships to meet and compete with para sailors from all over the world.
A sailor watching the sail carefully, controlling the mainsail and smiling despite the rain

The Challenger is an exciting single-handed trimaran that is raced regularly at Sailability groups and sailing clubs throughout the UK. The boat is designed not to heel over or capsize so is particularly suitable for those with low upper body strength and balance. An electric servo winch is available for those needing assistance to pull the mainsail in. The class association organises a series of open events and championships. Challenger sailors are also regulars at other popular open series during the season, most notably the Sailjuice Winter series.

3 visually impaired sailors, with a sighted crew, racing a small keelboat on a sunny day

A safe place to dip your toe in the water for the first time or to set your goals on representing your country. GBR Blind Sailing offers a full programme of training for novice sailors to experienced competitors. Training happens at various venues around the UK, plus a series of national and international events.

A sailor concentrating hard, racing a Hansa 303 dinghy, with another in close pursuit

You probably had your first sail in a Hansa, and you will have definitely seen the colourful sails. With so many different boats within the class there is plenty of variety and challenge to test you on the racecourse. From the Hansa 2.3 and 303s (each with single and double hander variations) to the nippy Liberty and high performance SKUD there is a boat to suit all ambitions. The class association organises regular training, a popular traveller series and the national championships. The top sailors regularly travel to international events and the 303 (single) is currently raced at the Para World Sailing Championships.

Two disabled people racing an RS Venture

The RS Venture Connect has three sails, a lifting keel, and is typically raced by a crew of two or three. It can be set up for almost any impairment and changed between sessions as required. From tiller, joystick to electronic and/or Sip and Puff steering, the RS Venture’s versatility has made it a popular addition to the international racing circuit. The class is administered by RS Sailing and currently contested at the Para Sailing World Championships. Boats are supplied for the event and racing is in a round robin / knock out format.

The RYA Sailability MultiClass 2018 Regatta hosted by  Rutland Sailability in conjunction with Rutland Sailing Club

A performance boat with competitive racing in the UK and abroad. The 2.4mR is a single-handed keelboat. The helm sits inside the boat facing forward with all the controls at arms reach. The ballasted keel means the boat is relatively insensitive to crew weight; so old, young, large and small compete on a level playing field. The rig is fully adjustable and performance comes from careful sail trim and tactics. The class association organises a series of open events during the summer plus the national championships. The sailors regularly travel to international events and the 2.4mR is currently raced at the Para Sailing World Championships.


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