The keen competitor

Your ambitions are the only ones that count as it's a level playing field on the water.

Fuel your competitive fire on the race course. There are lots of different boats to race and events to enter close to home or across the world.


Club racing


Racing is about testing your skills against other sailors and the conditions on the day. You can race locally and regularly at many Sailability groups and Sailing Clubs.

The thought of being on the start line can feel a bit daunting initially, but once there you will discover everyone is supporting you and making it round the course is all that matters. Ask an experienced volunteer or instructor to go racing with you and learn as you go.


Winning can come later!


If it’s not happening at your club, why not organise something or contact us to find out where you can race.


Travel the UK and see the world


Try sailing at different venues with others who sail the same boat as you . The Class Associations organise a series of open events and national championships each year, or join an open series such as the Sailjuice Winter Series. Beyond that are European and World Championships to meet and compete with para sailors from all over the world. 


Or get involved with the likes of the Special Olympics, GBR Blind Sailing and Deaf Sailing UK – all of whom provide routes to local, national events and international events.

Every year there are disabled crews taking part in iconic events like the Round The Island Race, the Small Ships Races and the sailjuice Winter series .

You could say I swing by the club for a spot of racing now and then.

They said I would never walk again, they didn't mention sailing.

A man, dressed for sailing in a wheelchair coming up a pontoon. Smiles all round.

A sense of purpose, and a great strategic sport that has taken him all over the world

Sailor, smiling

Jazz loves racing, always has.

Joe, diagnosed with a brain tumour at 13, competes at his first ever sailing event.

Joe takes is sailing to the next level

3 visually impaired sailors, with a sighted crew, racing a small keelboat on a sunny day

Increasing opportunities for disabled sailors to race and train, locally, nationally and internationally

Any questions

Everyone's different, so contact us if you have questions or want to find out more about finding a boating adventure that is right for you.

Develop your skills

Whether you just want to get better at what you do or share your passion and knowledge to inspire others, there is a pathway for you

Find the best fit for you

With over 200 Sailability organisations, there is an adventure waiting for you. Finding the best fit for your values, needs and budget is key to your enjoyment.

Para racing organisations

Find out more about who is organising activities for para sailors


As your sailing passion develops you might need more kit, gain qualifications, have coaching and travel to events. This can add up. But there are a number of options you can explore for support.

Boating adventures

From inland waterways to the high seas, go wherever your sense of adventure takes you. Once your boating journey begins, the world is yours to own.