The first time I was on the water it made me feel alive

What can I say about my first solo sail? I felt elated and like I have my life back again. I am sure my late husband was looking down saying “Good on you girl!”


Meet Sally

Sally lost the sight in the corner of her left eye and walks with a crutch following a stroke. But Sally feels she got her life back when she was introduced to her local Sailability group at Pitsford Reservoir.

After learning the ropes alongside more experienced sailors, Sally soon took the helm on her own for the first time. She has since spent a week away on the Norfolk Broads with Northampton Sailability, and she can’t believe the transformation in her life.


"What can I say about my first solo sail? I felt elated and like I have my life back again. I am sure my late husband was looking down saying “Good on you girl!”


"A friend at my church, who is a Sailability volunteer, told me about Sailability and said I should come along. It was the best thing I ever did. It presented a chance get out and meet people and to try something new. The first time I was on the water it made me feel alive and that was such a good feeling. I wanted to carry on because of the freedom it gave me, and I was excited to think I could actually sail."


Northampton Sailability runs at Pitsford from April to October, offering opportunities for disabled people with a range of impairments to enjoy being on the water.

Sally, who had done windsurfing and water ski-ing in the past but never sailed, has achieved her RYA Level 1 Start Sailing certificate and is already well on her way to gaining Level 2. But for her, Sailability is #MoreThanSailing.


"I most enjoy the peace and quiet of being on the water and I find I am challenged too. For me, Sailability means good company. I have made many new friends and look forward to every Monday knowing I am going sailing. I can highly recommend joining Sailability for friendship and the feeling of freedom."


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