A club volunteer talking into a VHF radio
Col Morley
Volunteer, on a pontoon, talking into a radio

Volunteers - sailability

Volunteers are the heartbeat of Sailability. So many different types of people give their time to support sailors in getting on the water - there is a role for everyone, on or off the water.

On the water

You might be a sailor who wants to give something back, or a sailing club member who wants to do something with the skills you have. Whatever your motivation there is a role on the water for you.

Instructing and coaching

Teaching people to develop skills in different boats, or guiding sailors to become successful competitors.

Helming and crewing

Some people always need someone in the boat with them - either as helm or crew. Get to know people, enjoy sailing with them and develop your own skills at the same time.

Race management

There are some keen competitors across the Sailability network so there is often a role for race officers, mark layers, judges and umpires.

Safety boat crew

Use your RYA Powerboat qualifications and be part of the safety fleet.


Off the water

It doesn't matter if you can't sail (yet). There are so many ways you can make a difference on dry land, so sailors have a safe, fun and welcoming experience. Where ever your talents lay, you can put them to good use.

Point of contact

Provide a warm welcome and contact point for enquiries, develop partnerships with local community organisations that can reach disabled people who may want to come sailing.

Preparing boats and sailors

There is kit to be handed out, boats to be rigged and launched (its quick and easy to learn how) and sailors who need support to get in and out of boats.


Boats need maintaining so they are safe and ready to use, buildings and grounds need looking after.

Running a small organisation

Membership schemes need to be run, monies fundraised and accounted for, legislation and regulations complied with, and other volunteers supported and developed.

Digital, communications and marketing

Develop a club or centres website as a great shop window so disabled people are inspired to get active on the water, run social media accounts and promote what the club or centre does locally.

Reflect on what you want to get out of volunteering, consider how much time you have to give, and use our search tool to find a club or centre near you. You won't regret it, and it might be one of the best things you do

Join us near you
Find the best fit for you

With over 200 Sailability venues, there is somewhere on the water near you. Finding the best fit for your values, needs and budget is key to your enjoymebnt.

Your first visit

Before your first visit, find out what support you can expect, plan what you need to bring and think about the support you will need

Any questions

Everyone's different, so contact us if you have questions or want to find out more about how boating can be made to work for you

Experienced sailors

Looking for the next challenge - the only limit is your imagination. There is a world of opportunity to develop your skills, build confidence and nurture your passion.

New sailors

A level playing field. Everyone can go sailing. Rule the waves with activities for young people, adults and groups at your pace, adapted to your abilities

Types of boats

Sailing is open to everyone. Regardless of age or ability, it’s a level playing field out on the water and the opportunities to get involved are ever evolving. Find out about some of the boats involved