Windsurfing Senior Instructor self-assessment


We want to help ensure that candidates for the Windsurfing Senior Instructor (SI) course are ready and suitably experienced to attend the training course. During the course we are not looking for rock star performances afloat or ashore but we must be confident that the SI will gain the respect of students and fellow instructors by displaying the right level of sailing ability and organisational skills.

During the course you will be assessed continuously on and off the water. Any shortcomings in your performance will be discussed during de-briefs and at the mid-course review.

Below are some questions to help you identify any areas you may need to work on before committing yourself to SI training. We hope your answers to every question will be 'yes' or possibly 'I think so' for any areas outside your direct experience.

Could you:

  • give a 10 minute presentation on the RYA Windsurfing Scheme?

  • deliver a technically correct simulator session on steering towards and away from the wind?

  • run a session on towing effectively with a powerboat?

  • give a beach briefing to a group of more experienced instructors?

  • pass the Start Windsurfing Instructor assessment on the water and on the simulator?

  • give a tacking demo on the water to Intermediate standard?

  • give advice on buying improver equipment?

  • demonstrate the sailing across the wind section in W4a?

  • run a youth scheme session?

  • mentor a newly qualified instructor during their first Start Windsurfing course?

  • with guidance from a Trainer:
    - deliver a basic session using the Fast Forward coaching module on a simulator?
    - break down the NPCG in a coaching environment?
    - teach a group of windsurfers basic racing rules?


    If you have answered 'no' to any questions, you now have time to improve your ability and/or knowledge before the start of the SI course. If you answered 'no' to a number of questions, we would suggest you discuss your application with your principal or trainer prior to the course.

    Although some of the questions may not appear to relate directly to the primary role of the SI, they reflect the variety of tasks which you might be called on to perform within the RYA windsurfing scheme.